Monday, 16 September 2013

Nordic and Baltic NRAs call for labelling scheme on mobile receiver performance

"The Director Generals agree in addressing the European Commission on an important issue for the consumers both in the Nordic/Baltic countries, as in the rest of Europe: Experiences from all the countries are that smartphones vary a lot when it comes to receiver performance. The actual device or mobile phone used, has a great impact on reception quality at the users end.

Antennas are also a crucial part in any wireless communication device, and the design can be very complex in modern smart phones due to a number of limitations, one of them being space, the Directors stated.

Mobile phone reception performance can vary greatly from model to model, and depends as well on how the user holds the phone during operation. This variation is not satisfactory, as it is complicated for the consumer to get information about this prior to buying the device.

The Nordic and Baltic countries find it crucial with consumer transparency on the mobile phones receiver performance. Therefore, the group ask the Commission to establish a labelling scheme to improve transparency, like other areas (ie energy consumption)." (see the press release).