Monday, 16 September 2013

Commision's Art. 7 Comments to the Irish NRA's review of the wholesale broadcasting transmission services market

Commision's Art. 7 Comments to ComReg's review of the wholesale broadcasting transmission services market:

"Need to monitor the effectiveness of ex ante regulation

The market for broadcasting transmission services is no longer recommended by the Commission for ex ante regulation, as greater platform competition and fewer capacity constraints, mainly due to the transition from analogue to digital transmission platforms, should render it effectively competitive.

The Commission notes, however, that the terrestrial broadcasting markets in Ireland present strong features of lack of competitive conditions, with only one vertically integrated supplier so far, and therefore appear to warrant ex ante regulation.

However, the Commission notes also that — following successful completion of a contract award process that would be conducted by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland — entry of a number of commercial DTT multiplex operators on Market B may occur within the timeframe of the review and could therefore impact the competitive dynamics on the market.

The Commission therefore invites ComReg to closely monitor the development of competition in the two markets (and in particular Market B) in terms of infrastructure and services competition at both the retail and wholesale level and re-assess the need for and appropriateness of the remedies imposed if necessary."