Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Wind Greece and Vodafone Group on merger talks

Wind, a greek operator, enterred into negotiations with the Vodafone Group, which operates in Greece through Vodafone Greece, under which the latter is said to acquire the former (see naftemporiki.gr, in greek). In any case, if the concetration does not fall under the Commission's competence under the Merger Regulation, the Greek NRA, EETT, which acts as an NCA, will come to approve the merger if the concentration is indeed agreed between the two undertakings. Such an approval is certainly not an easy task, since the purported merger if finalised, will deliver a mobile operator enjoying almost 52% market share not to mention leverage in other markets since both companies are already active in other telecom markets as well.

Greek NRA reforms spectrum fee regulation for satellite hubs

EETT decided to review its spectrum fee regulation as far as it applies to satellite operators using hubs and which in the past led to the imposition of excessive fees to them. EETT has thus, set its draft spectrum fee regulation under consultation (see EETT's press release, in greek).

Greek NRA concludes reviews of markets 4 and 5

The Greek NRA, followed the Commission's Art. 7 Comments and will place a 6 month time period to OTE, so that the latter must offer to alternative operators its vdsl product before its final retail launch as opposed to the initial 3 month period proposed by EETT and which acted though, contrary to the NGA Recommendation (see EETT's press release). It shall be reminded that EETT's interim measures some months ago which froze OTE's retail offer of vdsl, made the latter's executives furious. EETT stated in particular that the vdsl ex ante regulation would take place after markets 4 and 5 will be reviewed. Untill then the interim measures were in place. After EETT concluded its market reviews this month, OTE's vdsl product is more or less equated to an adsl product and OTE has to comply to its obligations as an SMP operator in market 4 and 5.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Greek Ministry of Infrastructure consults on its draft Decision on network integrity

The Greek Ministry of Infrastrucure, Transport and Networks, has put under consultation its draft Decision regarding the integrity of the public telephone network. The proposed measure attempts to set the minimum requirements, oprators should fulfill. Amongst others, operators should conduct regularly Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessments, to set up a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan (see the relevant page, in greek).

Greek Ministry of Justice prepares legislative action on cyber crime

The Greek Ministry of Justice put together a Committee which will prepare preferred legislative action on the fields of cyber crime. The Ministry states ab initio that under the new regime, content of communication and bloggers' identity will be more easily accessible to authorities (see the press release, in greek).

Greek Government consults on Joint Decision as regards buildings' internal wiring specifications

The Greek Ministry of Infrastructure has launched a consultation on its draft Decision and annexes (see relevant page, in greek) to be taken jointly with the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change as regards the specifications of the wiring being deployed inside buildings. The aim is to adopt to Europeam standards and to further facilitate telecom providers in connecting homes to their netwroks. The draft Decision provides for installations of fibre related equipment. It shall be mentioned that a similar Decision was put under consultation two years ago but was not adopted.